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The groundbreaking utility token dedicated to revitalizing and expanding the democratic landscape of Europe. Our vision is to harness the power of blockchain technology to foster a stronger, more united Europe.

The Challenge of Democratic Erosion in Europe

Recent times have seen a worrying trend of democratic regression in some European states, with civic liberties being constricted and public faith in democratic values waning. The need for democratic participation outstrips its availability, both nationally and within the EU framework.

A New Push for European Democracy

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has initiated a "new push for European democracy", emphasizing the urgent need for democratic reform and innovation. This includes the promise of a European Democracy Action Plan with a focus on the digital sphere.

Avoiding Empty Promises

The challenge lies in ensuring that new initiatives bring about meaningful and tangible change, rather than empty promises that could further erode public trust in democratic norms.

A Multifaceted Approach to Democratic Reform

To improve democracy in Europe, a broad approach is necessary, targeting reforms at EU, national, and subnational levels. This involves simultaneous and coordinated efforts across various domains.

Six Practical Steps to Bolster European Democracy

Crafting a compelling democratic narrative against illiberal values.

Establishing a more democratic process for electing European leaders.

Fostering transnational European party politics.

Improving direct citizen consultations and democratic participation

Embracing digital democracy to manage technological risks and harness potential.

Strengthening public participation through a revamped European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI).

EURP: A Token for Democratic Progress

In the backdrop of these challenges, EURP emerges as a powerful tool, combining the security of Bitcoin’s blockchain with the versatility of the BRC-20 standard

Creating EURP with the aim of preserving peace and democracy in Europe is a novel and ambitious idea. EURP could leverage the principles of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to support and promote initiatives that foster peace and democratic practices.

Here’s how EURP might work towards its goals:

Six Practical Steps to Bolster European Democracy

Funding Peace-Keeping Initiatives

EURP could be used to finance projects and organizations working towards conflict resolution, peacekeeping, and reconciliation in areas of Europe where tensions or conflicts exist.

Supporting Democratic Institutions

The token could provide financial support to organizations and institutions that promote and sustain democratic processes, including voter education, fair election monitoring, and the strengthening of democratic institutions.

Educational Programs and Awareness Campaigns

Part of the funds raised through EURP could be allocated to educational programs that focus on the importance of democracy, human rights, and peace. This could include school programs, public workshops, and media campaigns.

Promoting Economic Stability

Economic instability can be a threat to peace and democracy. EURP could support projects that aim to improve economic conditions, reduce poverty, and create jobs, thus addressing some of the root causes of conflict and instability.

Facilitating Dialogue and Diplomacy

EURP could be used to sponsor forums, talks, and diplomatic efforts aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding between conflicting parties or different political groups within European countries.

Transparency and Accountability in Governance

Blockchain's inherent transparency could be utilized to promote and ensure transparency and accountability in government processes, which is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

Global Participation and Solidarity

By being a digital currency, EURP allows individuals and organizations worldwide to participate in and contribute to the cause of maintaining peace and democracy in Europe, fostering a sense of global solidarity.

Partnerships with NGOs and International Bodies

Collaborating with NGOs, international peacekeeping bodies, and democratic institutions could enhance the impact of EURP and ensure its alignment with global standards and practices.

Supporting Human Rights Initiatives

EURP could also be channeled towards protecting and promoting human rights, which are fundamental to peace and democracy.

Crisis Response Fund

A portion of EURP could be reserved as a rapid response fund to address emerging crises or conflicts in Europe, providing timely resources where they are most needed.



A finite supply of 1,000,000,001,717 EURP tokens to ensure value.


High divisibility to 18 decimal points for transactional flexibility


A global currency solution for trade and payments

Store of Value

A reliable asset beyond mere currency.


Unrestricted global exchange, free from governmental control.


Based on the robust Bitcoin Blockchain.


Virtually impossible to counterfeit due to blockchain technology.

Affordable and Accessible

EURP is designed to be affordable and accessible, differentiating it from the often expensive Bitcoin market.

ICO Conversion rate

1 EURP Token = 0.01 SAT
EURP is more than a token; it’s a commitment to democratic renewal and European unity. Join us in shaping the future of Europe, one token at a time.

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